Art and Positive emotions

Artist's Statement


"I love to paint and experiment with rich colorful oil paint. I also like to put different symbols in my paintings. For example, the jar in my painting "Gospozha Abundance" is a symbol of bliss and abundance, and the girl herself is relaxed and surrounded by flowers, symbols of joy, and trees - which show that she is grounded within the earth plane and yet soaring to spiritual heights. As you can see, my paintings are done by vision of my soul. When I am painting, I transfer my emotions on canvas, exclusively in a positive mood and great concentration of the power of positive thought."

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Almost from infancy, called by her parents "Irma" as a sign of affection and her Jewish identity, seemed like an international work of art herself and with her luminescent beauty resembled a famous Polish actress Barbara Brylska. Irma began painting when she was 5; she began working as an artist when she was 16. Many can describe Irma’s artworks as Fusion style influenced by Post Impressionism Van Gogh style notes.

Irma’s paintings are also recognized by contemporary art community, and are present within modern art exhibitions. Being located in Los Angeles sun-drenched part of California, Irma finds her inspiration in all the positive vibes of the ocean, blooming flowers and brightest people! Now everyone can experience the positive energy that Irma transfers through her art. You can buy some of the artworks at the gallery.